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GlutaRedox Glutathione Sublingual Lozenges

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📣 Try Glutaredox, the Latest Innovation for whole body whitening!📣

😍Glutaredox is Italy-Patented product Carries the technology of ORO-FS-Release. 😍 It has scientifically-based studies of formulation for fast and effective whitening!

  • ✅Easy to Use
  • ☑Flavorful
  • ✅Potent
  • ☑Maximum Absorption
  • ✅High Effectivity
  • ☑100% Safe – FDA Approved

🤗Your painless everyday dosage of Glutathione for 30 days up to 98% absorption!🤗


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• Maximum oral absorption thru ORO-FS-Release Technology
• High bio-availability of Reduced Glutathione backed up with clinical studies
• Powerful whitening antioxidant
• Made in Italy
• 100% Potent and Safe
• Also contains L-Cysteine, Vitamin C and Selenium that works together for maximum antioxidant effect


Oral Glutathione VS. Sublingual Glutathione

Oral Glutathione performs only 20% whitening absorption which indicates;
– Slow results
– Low effectivity
– Costly (You expect more, but you actually get less.)

Sublingual Glutathione performs up to 100% whitening absorption which indicates;
– Fast results
– High effectivity
– Easy to use (Just dissolve it under your tongue where many capillaries are present, to absorb it at maximum amount.)


This is also FDA-Registered! 



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